About Us


Our goal is to nurture the love and appreciation of dance, music
and theater arts for all students with fun-filled classes that promote
technique, intellect, and creativity in a family orientated environment.

Students participate in dance, drama and/or music classes for many
different reasons: fun, exercise or professional career. Through dedicated
training, students successfully pursue and complete college degrees and
successful professional careers in the arts, and in other facets of their lives.

We take pride in passing on the comprehensive knowledge of how
to set and achieve goals, through diligence and commitment.

No student is ever left unnoticed for their abilities to create and explore
their talents.

Dance Pointe produces unique recitals that include, hand-crafted scenery,
exciting choreography, lighting, music and theater acting opportunities
for all of their students entertaining for all ages.
Awards are presented to all students during our show finales.

To learn more about us, visit our website www.dancepointe.org