The Power of Friendship in Dance, Drama & Music

I’m sure we can all look back on our childhood and remember those friends that were always there by our side. Whether they lived down the street, sat next to us in school, or played with us on a team, they became an important part of the years we spent growing up. Another great place for children to make lasting friendships is in dance, drama and music classes. The bonds formed at the barre, learning lines and memorizing notes help kids and young people through the best and worst times. Keep reading for a few more reasons why we believe in the power of friendships formed in the studio. 

A Shared Love of Dance, Music and Drama
There is nothing more fun than finding someone who loves the same things that you do. For a kid who loves all things ballet, how excited are they to meet someone else who is focused on her turns and counts the day she gets her pointe shoes as important as the day she gets her driver’s license. Or, a drama kid who finds friends who love working on new characters, and the way they feel when they step out on stage. Finding your tribe is important at every stage of life, and it begins in childhood. Participating in dance, music and drama classes gives your creative child the chance to meet others and to make friends who see and experience the world as they do. That is a powerful thing. 

Do you Remember When?
A lot of things can change as a child grows up, which makes a studio filled with friends and teachers that they can count on very important. While some activities last for a season or semester, studio friends can perform and grow together for years. They may start as wobbly little girls in tutus waving to their parents from the stage, and then grow into graceful and poised young ladies who hit their mark and point their toes every time. Students who take a little extra time to find the notes in “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” will grow into confident musicians tackling difficult pieces of music with ease.  Friends who face these ups and downs together, will play a positive role in the lives of their friends. The friendships that are forged across these years through many practices, dress rehearsals, and performances will last because of the many memories and life events that they encompass.

Working Together
Working together to attain a goal is exciting and empowering. A friend by your side is so helpful when you’re trying to learn a new step, or memorize all of your lines. Good friends can also push one another to do their best in ways that parents and teachers cannot. Studies have shown the powerful bonds that develop between dancers as they perform the same steps together, and the synchronicity that it brings to them both on stage and off.

Sometimes we’re all tempted to slack off a bit, or just do the minimum to get by. Of course, as parents we want our children to work hard no matter how they feel, and to learn to push themselves even when they just don’t want to. Good friends are a great motivator who can encourage each other to do their best even on the days when they would prefer to lie on the couch. Moreover, knowing that your fellow musicians, dancers and actors are counting on you to perform your best is a great motivation to do your best in every class and lesson.

We’re thankful for the friendships that we see every day between our students at Dance Pointe PAC. And, we’re happy to provide a place where they can grow and flourish in both their pursuits and their friendships. If you know someone who would love to find their studio home, please invite to join us for Bring A Friend Week, Monday, October 1st through Saturday, October 6th. New friends can try out classes for free all week! Stop by the front desk to pick up a postcard to invite them to join us. Also, share and tag them in a Dance Pointe Bring a Friend Week post on Facebook or Twitter. We can’t wait to meet them!

Author: dancepointepa

Dance Pointe Performing Arts Center's teachers have been affiliated with local dance companies, theater arts and music programs for over 20 years, with university training, certifications through Dance Masters of America, Inc. and professional theater and music performance experience. Our Dance Drama and Music School has given to students of local communities to include Selden, Coram, Farmingville, Medford, Centereach, Port Jefferson Station, Mt. Sinai, Miller Place and many more, an unsurpassed learning and nuturing training experience for Preschool through Adult students in ballet, acro, tap, jazz, lyrical, hip hop and pointe as well as the professionalism and knowledge as artists, choreographers, directors and teachers for over 15 years, with continued education and training in all dance typess. Expanding to provide a broad spectrum of the performing arts experience to students in theater and music training.

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