What’s in your Dance Bag? – Getting Your Child Ready for a New Season of Dance

As we prepare for the upcoming 2018-2019 dance season at Dance Pointe, we want your child to have everything they need to start off the dance year right. To help with that, here is a list of the items they will need in their dance bag.

Dance Apparel
It’s important for your child to have the correct attire for each dance class. These clothes allow for flexibility and movement, which is necessary for participation in dance class. Check out the list below for guidelines on what to wear in each class.

Twinkle Babies and Stars

Twinkle Tutu Dress and Matching Bear

  • Twinkle Babies Creative Movement Ages 2 to 3 – Pink Tutu Dress and Matching Bear
  • Twinkle Stars Combo I Ages 3 to 4- Purple Tutu Dress and Matching Bear
  • Twinkle Stars Combo II Ages 5 to 8- Blue Tutu Dress and Matching Bear

Ballet, Tap Jazz, Lyrical, Modern, Acro and Pointe Classes


  • A Black Leotard can be a Tank, Short, or Long Sleeves
  • A Black Dance Short or Dance Skirt (Optional)
  • Dance Shorts for Tap, Jazz, Lyrical and Acro Classes (Optional)
  • A Black or Pink Biketard for Acro Classes


  • Fitted White, Short-sleeved T-Shirt
  • Black Dance Pants

Hip Hop Classes

  • Fitted T-Shirt or Tank
  • Leggings, Loose Dance Pants

Dance Shoes
If you’re new to dance class, you may not know that different styles of shoes are required for different types of dance. Here’s a breakdown of the types of shoes each class requires:

Twinkle Star and Ballet:

  • Pink Leather or Canvas Full Sole or Split Sole Ballet Slippers and Tan Tap Shoes


  • White Leather or Canvas Full or Split Sole Ballet Shoes with White Ankle Socks

Tap: Black Tap Shoes
Jazz: Tan Jazz Shoes
Lyrical: Tan Lyrical Thongs/Sandals
Acro: Bare Feet
Pointe: – Pointe Shoes
Hip Hop: Dance Sneakers

Our online Dress Code Class Lists will help you find the correct leotard, body-wear and shoes for class, visit our online storehttps://www.shopnimbly.com/Dancepointepac . Simply use the drop down menu to find your child’s dress code based on the class(es) registered for, and you will be taken to a list of items for each class that you can purchase online in just a few minutes. Use the Size Chart Guides for accuracy, and feel free to contact us via email or Facebook if you have specific sizing questions.

3. Extra Hair Ties and Hair Pins
It’s important for your child to have their hair pulled back for each class. A small bag with a brush, extra hair ties and hair pins will help them keep their hair up and off of their face.
4. Tights
Tights are required for most dance classes. It’s helpful to keep an extra pair of tights in their dance bag should something happen to their other pair.
5. Water Bottle and Healthy Snacks
A refillable water bottle and healthy snacks can keep your child feeling strong throughout their classes. Try to include snacks that are easy to eat, and don’t make a mess. Make sure your child knows the studio guidelines on where and when it’s acceptable for them to eat and drink.

What not to include?

Your child needs to be focused when they attend dance class, and keeping a few things out of their dance bag will help them to pay better attention. Make sure they leave all cell phones, tablets and other electronic devices with you. These cause a big distraction during and in-between classes, and take away from their interactions with friends and teachers.

A dance bag can also be a great way for your child to take responsibility for their classes, and to teach them the importance of preparing ahead of time. Ask them to empty out their dance bag after class, place their dirty clothes in the laundry, and throw out any trash. Then, work with them to replace the items they will need for their next class including clothes, shoes, water and snacks. Keeping their shoes in their dance bag is a great way for them to keep track of them in-between classes. Developing a routine around their dance bag will help them to learn to be prepared for class, and will take some of the work off of your already full plate!

All of the teachers and staff at Dance Pointe Performing Arts Center cannot wait to welcome you and your child back to the studio for fall classes. If you have any questions regarding attire, shoes, sizing, or other studio guidelines please contact us or stop by the front desk.

Author: dancepointepa

Dance Pointe Performing Arts Center's teachers have been affiliated with local dance companies, theater arts and music programs for over 20 years, with university training, certifications through Dance Masters of America, Inc. and professional theater and music performance experience. Our Dance Drama and Music School has given to students of local communities to include Selden, Coram, Farmingville, Medford, Centereach, Port Jefferson Station, Mt. Sinai, Miller Place and many more, an unsurpassed learning and nuturing training experience for Preschool through Adult students in ballet, acro, tap, jazz, lyrical, hip hop and pointe as well as the professionalism and knowledge as artists, choreographers, directors and teachers for over 15 years, with continued education and training in all dance typess. Expanding to provide a broad spectrum of the performing arts experience to students in theater and music training.

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