Is Musical Theater Right for your Kid?

While the snowflakes outside right now make me think that winter may stay forever, I know that soon spring will arrive, and summer will not be far behind. Hats and gloves will be replaced with sunglasses and sunscreen, and kids everywhere will rejoice as they finish their last day of the school year.

As a parent, you’re probably beginning to plan your summer schedule, and look for classes and camps for your child. This year, Dance Pointe will offer a variety of classes and camps including a Musical Theater Camp. This camp will give kids and teens the chance to explore the stage through singing, dancing and acting. Not sure if it’s right for your kid? Check out our list below for just a few of the benefits of participating in musical theater.

    1. Encourages Their Love of Performing
      “Mommy, watch me!” Many kids are born with a love of performing, and what starts in your living room can carry on to the stage. With fun songs, costumes and dance steps, children can learn to love sharing their talents in front of others. In addition, a successful performance now can give them something to look back on when those adolescent nerves start to kick in.
    2. Lets Them Get Lost in the Story
      Many of us have gotten caught up in a great musical. Whether it’s Hamilton, Shrek the Musical, or Finding Neverland, the intriguing stories and emotion-filled songs take you on a journey from beginning to end. Participating in musical theater lets a child immerse themselves in a whole new world, which expands their imagination. By participating in a story that is different from their own, they learn about other people and their experiences, which broadens their perspective and promotes understanding.
    3. Encourages Life in the Moment – Not on the Screen
      We all love our screens, and the information and entertainment that they provide. But, it’s also good to break free of the virtual world, and focus on being in the moment. In musical theater, kids are moving, expressing, and thinking up on stage rather than simply sitting and watching. They are creating rather than consuming, while also communicating with their fellow actors and an audience.
    4. Gives Kids a Chance to Learn in Different Styles
      Musical theater includes at least five of the seven distinct learning styles. Visual, aural, verbal, physical, and social learners can all find themselves and their own way of learning in musical theater. It’s also a great way for kids to discover new ways to learn and process information, which they can take with them to the classroom and beyond.
    5. Challenges Kids to Try New Things
      With singing, dancing and drama, musical theater provides a lot of challenges and opportunities. Your child may have experience in dance, but what happens when they need to sing and dance at the same time? How will they tackle memorizing lines as well as dance steps? Musical theater is a great way for kids and teens to add to their existing skill set, and to challenge themselves in new and exciting ways.

Would you like to learn more about Dance Pointe’s 2018 Musical Theater Camp?
Click here to visit our website for more information. Once you’re there, you can also register and pay online, which checks one more thing off of your to-do list! Don’t wait, space is limited!

Author: dancepointepa

Dance Pointe Performing Arts Center's teachers have been affiliated with local dance companies, theater arts and music programs for over 20 years, with university training, certifications through Dance Masters of America, Inc. and professional theater and music performance experience. Our Dance Drama and Music School has given to students of local communities to include Selden, Coram, Farmingville, Medford, Centereach, Port Jefferson Station, Mt. Sinai, Miller Place and many more, an unsurpassed learning and nuturing training experience for Preschool through Adult students in ballet, acro, tap, jazz, lyrical, hip hop and pointe as well as the professionalism and knowledge as artists, choreographers, directors and teachers for over 15 years, with continued education and training in all dance typess. Expanding to provide a broad spectrum of the performing arts experience to students in theater and music training.

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